Swift XLR Connectors
Patented by Tommy Jenving. Swift has several advantages
over other XLR connectors.
  • Totally shielded. No electromagnetic leakage.
  • No loseable screws. Only one retained screw.
  • Nothing to slip on the cable before soldering.
  • Strain relief: The screw serves also as a clamp screw and since it is placed at a considerable distance from the apperture there will be no bending forces on the cable at the clamping point.
Jack Plug Mono and Stereo
Dia. 6.35 mm. Stereo or Mono version. Rigid design. Front mounted housing, i.e. you can put the housing on after soldering the cable. Strain relief with squeeze clamping. (Patented.) Provided with three differently coloured marking rings for identification.

Cable sizes: 5 - 6.5 mm.

Supra Jack Plugs are fully shielded for noise rejection.
Swift Light Connector
Swift 3F XLR Light
Swift 3M XLR Light

3-pole Female and Male
Jack Plug
Jack Plug Mono and Stereo
XLR Chassis Connector
3-pole Female and Male
Neutrik Speakon
Speakon Connectors
Not for export.
Distributed in Sweden only as they are not of Supra origin.
Item Mechanical Specifications
    Quantity/ Pack Quantity/ Bulk Pack Connect. Type Pin Material Insulation Housing Connect. Fixing Cable Clamping Max Cable Dia. (mm) External Size WxHxL (mm) Mounting Hole (mm) Colour
Swift XLR 3M Light   1 Pc 12 Pcs XLR Cord Male 24 Ct Gold Plated Cu Noryl Shielded, Front Mounted Quick Lock Screw Ø7.7 Ø19x70 - Red/ Black
Swift XLR 3F Light   XLR Cord Female Ø19x75
XLR-C3F   25 Pcs XLR Chassis Female Shielded - - 27x37x31 Ø23.5 -
XLR-C3M   20 Pcs XLR Chassis Male 22x37x21 Ø19.0
Jack Plug Mono   10 Pcs 6.35mm, 1/4" Jack Plug Sn Plat. Brass PTFE (Teflon) Shielded, Front Mounted - Squeeze Ø6.5 Ø13x79 - Red/ Black
Jack Plug Stereo