Video Connectors

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Scart Connector Scart
Gold plated Scart connector with metalised shielding housing. Squeeze clamping of the cable.
1 pc/bag.
Bulk pack: 50 pcs.
RCA-3 Connector RCA-3
Gold plated RCA (Phono) plug with Teflon insulation and metal housing. Fits 4mm cable diameter, eg. the AV-6 core. Marking rings are available in different colours.
1 pair/bag.
Bulk pack: 50 pairs.
DB25F Connector DB25-F and DB25-M
Gold plated DB25 plugs with metalised shielding housing.
Male and female 1 pc/bag.
Bulk pack: 50 pcs.
S-Video Connector SVHS-7 and SVHS-11
Gold plated S-VHS connectors with shielding metal housing and Teflon insulation. SVHS 7 fits cable diameter 7mm and SVHS-11 fits 11mm, e.g. the AV-6.
1 pc/bag.
Bulk pack: 50 pcs.
Video Connetors
Item Mechanical Specifications
    Quantity/ Pack Quantity/ Bulk Pack Connect. Pin Material Insulation Housing Connector Fixing Cable Clamping Max Cable Dia. (mm) External Size WxHxL (mm) Colour
RCA-3   1 Pair 50 Pairs RCA 24 Ct Gold Plated Cu PTFE (Teflon) Shielded - - Ø3.2 Ø12x50 Red/Wht/ Yellow
SVHS-7   1 Pcs 50 Pcs S-Video Ø7.0 Ø13x42 Yellow
SVHS-11   Ø11.0 Ø14x43
Scart   Scart Noryl Shielded, Front Mounted Squeeze Lock 48x20x60 White
DB25-M   DB25/ D-sub Screw - 55x17x51