Stage Multi Cables


Multicore Cables for Stage Use,
Pair Jacketed and Stretch-Proof

Supra has developed a flexible multi-core cable for use on stage and in heavy and rough handling situations. Every pair is individually jacketed and is a complete cable. Just simply solder on a contact - you don’t even need to use heat-shrink. Perfect when you need to make up a line to a stage box.

The screen is of semiconductive nylon which is extremely strong with regard to bend-fatigue and which at the same time is highly resistant to electro-magnetic interference. A usual problem with multi-core cables which are used on stage and in other non-permanent applications, is that the pairs in the middle of the multicable have less stretch tolerance than the outer layers, owing to the spiralized configuration of the cable. Consequently the inner cables are often stretched so much that the solder joints give way or the conductors break when forced to take the whole strain. Supra have solved this through increasing spiralization of the pairs towards the centre, plus the omission of a pair at the exact centre, this being replaced with a flexible plastic core.

The pairs are identified with jacket colours as well as with numbers. See identification chart below.


1 jacketed and screened pair x 0.22 mm2. This is an installation cable and does not actually belong to the ’Stage Multi’series other than designwise.


2 jacketed and screened pairs x 0.22 mm2.


4 jacketed and screened pairs x 0.22 mm2.



8 jacketed and screened pairs x 0.22 mm2..



10 jacketed and screened pairs x 0.22 mm2.



20 jacketed and screened pairs x 0.22 mm2.



32 jacketed and screened paris x 0.22 mm2.


Item Mechanical Specifications Electrical Spec.
    No. of Channels Con- ductor Insula- tion Shield Pair- /External Jacket Extern. Size (mm) Temp. Range (°C) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ Bobbin (m / ft)   R (Ohm/km) C
Prop. Velocity
MS01-JP   1 2x7x0.20 OFC PE Semi-
Cond. Nylon
& Colour-
Coded PVC / PVC
Ø3.8 -30 till +70 Anthr. Grey 20 400m / 1312ft   180 90 0.66c
MS02-JP   2 Ø8.0 61 200m / 656ft  
MS04-JP   4 Ø9.7 90 100m / 328ft  
MS08-JP   8 Ø13.1 116  
MS10-JP   10 Ø14.0 250  
MS20-JP   20 Ø18.7 263  
MS32-JP   32 Ø23.5 427  

MS-JP Series Color and Number Codes
Pair No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Pair Jacket Colour Black Brown Red Orange
Conductors Red/Black and with a drain wire for the Nylon screen connection