Screened Loudspeaker Cables


SUPRA screened loudspeaker cables radiate less interference to low level circuits, inputs and interconnects. With the dense multitude of inputs and outputs now found on the rear panels of audio/visual equipment, the minimising of these effects becomes very important. The shielding is also highly effective in rejecting high frequency interference, by minimising aerial pick-up.

Ply 3.4/S The screened
Ply 3.4/S combines low inductance and tin plating with the screen concept, making it our top high-end loudspeaker cable. See the wiring diagram below.

Ply 3.4 Screened
Ply 3.4/S
Applications: High power systems, or longer lengths in low to medium power systems or where RF levels warrant it.


Linc 2.5 Flex and Linc 4.0 Flex

SUPRA LINC is designed with a braided shield of tin plated copper wire which reduces effects from stray electric fields and with the short pitch twisting of the the conductor pairs minimises the magnetic field as well as it makes the cable low inductance.


Linc Flex

Linc 2.5 Flex
2x2.5mm2. Application examples: Medium power systems or shorter lengths in high power systems.
Linc 4.0 Flex
2x4.0mm2. Application examples: High power systems or longer lengths in low/medium power systems.

Item Mechanical Specifications Elec. Specifications
    Conductor Cross Sec. Area (mm²/AWG) Insulation Shield Shield Coverage Jacket External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ bobbin (m / ft)   Resistance (Ohm/km) Inductance (µH/m)
Ply 3.4/S   2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x3.4 / 12 AWG Chloride Ion-Stabilized PVC Braid 156x0.15 Sn, drain-wire 7x0.54 OFC Sn > 95% PVC 7.5x7.5 Ice Blue 129 100m / 328ft   5.1 0.20
Linc 2.5 Flex   2x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x2.5 / 13 AWG Ø7.8 105   6.8 0.42
Linc 4.0 Flex   2x511x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x4.0 / 11 AWG Ø8.1 120   4.3 0.44