Microphone & Line Cables


Supra’s unique screen concept makes pro-tech products that are feasable for military use as well as for industry or stage use. The screen is made of semiconductive Nylon, a very strong and flexible wrapping that so far has only been used around very high voltage power station cables, for field equalizing.

The advantages of Supra nylon screened cables over ordinary braided cables are:

Mechanically stronger
The nylon screen, with its tensile strength of 500 N/50mm, is many times stronger than ordinary screens, also with respect to bending fatigue.

Enviromental and climate immunity
Humidity does not influence the cable’s electrical properties.

Noise rejection
Besides the extremely good shielding properties of the semiconductive screen, the cores are symmetrically twisted to avoid the magnetic pickup. Tests under very severe conditions have been carried out and whereas no ordinary cable has been free from noise pickups, Supra MBS has still been quiet.

MBS in Display Stand

MBS Microphone Cable, Balanced
A non-compromise design, both mechanically and electrically. Negligable microphony, high noise rejection, low capacitance, high flexibility, high bending strength. The best microphone cable.


Carry out your own test:
Tape a nylon-screened Supra cable along the mains flex of a thyristor controlled device, for example, a drilling machine. Connect the Supra cable to a pre-amplifier, run the machine and listen to the crosstalk noise. Do the same with other cables. Compare!


MBC Microphone Cable, Balanced
2x2.5 mm². Tin plated.


Dac Anthracite Grey

DAC Digital Audio Line Cable, Bal.
110 Ohm, AES/EBU harmonised
Insulation of gas blown PE foam skin for lowest capacitance. Further design description


ItemItem Mechanical Specifications Electrical Specifications
    Conductor Insulation Shield Jacket Temp. Range
External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ Bobbin
(m / ft)
MBC   2x7x0.20 OFC PE Semi-Cond. Nylon PVC -30 till +70 Ø5.8 Anthr- acite
45 150m / 492ft   180 90 0.66c
MBS   2x19x0.127 OFC Ø6.0 43   72 52
DAC   2x19x0.19 OFC PE
Ø6.5 Ice Blue/Anth. Grey 35 50m / /164ft   80 45 0.78c