Loudspeaker Cables


Classic 2.5 Anhracite Grey
Classic 2.5 Anthracite

High flexibility, 2x2.5 mm2 tin plated Oxygen Free Copper.
Fits XLR connectors

Rondo 4x2.5 & 2x2.5
Rondo 4x2.5 Rondo 2x2.5

Rondo are highly flexible cables of short pitch twisting for low inductance.
Low inductance connection.



Linc Fix Screened Loudspeaker Cables for Fixed Installations

The radiation from unshielded loudspeaker cables is often stronger than that from ordinary mains cable applications.

The minimising of interference fields is recommended in all fixed installations, with computers playing an increasing part in everyday life. Sensitive networks of low level information controls all kinds of operations including audio, video, production processes and the like.

These systems are getting more compact and more complex with more cables closer and closer which means that the sensitivity to disturbances increases correspondingly. Multi room installations often require audio, video, data and loudspeaker lines to run through ceilings and walls in very close proximity.

Furthermore, biological effects due to electric and magnetic alternating fields should also be considered.



Linc Fix

Rondo are highly flexible cables of short pitch twisting for low inductance.

Linc 4.0 Fix
2x4.0mm2. Application examples: High power systems or longer lengths in low/medium power systems

Linc 2.5 Fix
2x2.5mm2. Application examples: Medium power systems or shorter lengths in high power systems.

Item Mechanical Specifications
    Conductor Cross Sec. Area (mm²/AWG) Insulation Shield Shield Coverage Jacket Temp. Range (°C)
Classic 2.5   2x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x2.5 / 13 AWG Chloride Ion-Stabilized PVC - - - -30 till +70
Rondo 2x2.5   2x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x2.5 / 13 AWG PVC
Rondo 4x2.5   4x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 4x2.5 / 13 AWG
Linc 2.5 Fix   2x45x0.25 OFC, Sn 2x2.5 / 13 AWG Braid 156x0.15 Sn, dr. 7x0.54 OFC Sn >95%
Linc 4.0 Fix   2x49x0.32 OFC, Sn 2x4.0 / 11 AWG

Item Mechanical Specifications Elec. Spec.
    External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ Bobbin (m / ft)   Resistance (Ohm/km) Inductance (µH/m)
Classic 2.5   3.6x7.4 Anthr./
Ice Bl.
66 200m / 656ft   6.8 0.45
Rondo 2x2.5   Ø7.5 Anth. Grey 95 100m / 328ft   6.8 0.48
Rondo 4x2.5   Ø8.5 125 75m / 246ft   6.8 0.35
Linc 2.5 Fix   Ø7.8 Ice Blue 105 100m / 328ft   7.8 0.42
Linc 4.0 Fix   Ø8.1 120   4.9 0.44