Ply Loudspeaker Cables


Low inductance, reduced skin-effect, high conductor purity integrity, long life, low cost concept. Not damaged by accidental immersion in water -even sea water- so particularly suited to marine applications as well as professional and auto installations.
Ply 2.0 Ply 3.4
Ply 2.0 Ply 3.4


Item Mechanical Specifications Elec. Specifications
    Conductor Cross Sec. Area (mm²/AWG) Insulation Jacket External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ bobbin (m / ft)   Resistance (Ohm/km) Inductance (µH/m)
Ply 2.0   2x120x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x2.0 / 14 AWG Chloride Ion-Stab. PVC PVC 6.1x4.9 Ice Blue 73 100m / 328ft   8.1 0.30
Ply 3.4   2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x3.4 / 12 AWG 7.0x7.0 104 100m / 328ft   5.1 0.20