LoRad Mains Flex ///

LoRad Screened Mains Flex, Patented
2.5 mm², highly flexible, specification 05VA7V-H 3G2.5.

LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields.

Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up.

The screen protects from the electric field and a short pitch twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields.

This will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-D presence and stereo definition. Closer to the truth.
Supra’s screening concept is patented worldwide by Tommy Jenving.
LoRad is the sole audio grade mains cable in the world with full European safety approval

CE Gost  Nemko

Safety approved in compliance with HD 21.5 S3


Tips and Tricks:
A simple way to check the cable radiation is to use an AC field sensor.

Hold the AC sensor against a cable and if it lights up it means the cable is radiating noise fields. Of course, the cable must be connected to the wall socket that is switched on. Check LoRad in the same way and you will find that it does not indicate any noise radiation.

Standard cable radiation LoRad no radiation
AC sensors are available at Supra dealers or electrical stores.
LoRad Screened Mains Flex
The one and only approved for flex applications. A Swedish world patent.

• Hi-Fi and studio systems
• Medical equipment
• Measurement and laboratory equipment
• For people sensitive to electric/magnetic radiation
• In any application where electric/magnetic interference is critical

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