Classic Loudspeaker Cables


The Classic series comprises highly flexible cables of tin plated multistranded OFC copper of purity degree 5N, which means >99.999% pure, i.e. purer than five nines. The insulation of special ion stable PVC minimises corrosion of the sonically benign tin surface.
This series covers all Hi-Fi applications from low power speakers, such as rear speakers of home theatre systems, to high power systems with long cable lengths.

Classic & Rondo


Mini 1.6 & Classic 1.6

Mini 1.6
2x1.6 mm². An economic version of Classic 1.6 of fewer wires. Application examples: Low power such as rear speakers of home theatres.

Classic 1.6
2x1.6mm². Application exampels: Tweeters in bi-wiring, low power systems or shorter lengths of medium power systems.

Classic 2.5 & 4.0 Rondo 4x2.5 & Classic 6.0
Classic 2.5
2x2.5mm². Application examples: Medium power systems, or shorter lengths in high power systems.

Classic 4.0
2x4.0mm². Application examples: High power systems, or longer lengths in low/medium power systems

Classic 6.0
2x6mm². Application example: High power systems, even longer lengths.

Rondo 4x2.5
4x2.5mm². Application examples: Bi-wiring, pair channel cable for medium power systems or single channel connected for high power systems.

Item Mechanical Specifications Elec. Specifications
    Conductor Cross Sec. Area (mm²/AWG) Insulation Jacket External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ bobbin (m / ft)   Resistance (Ohm/km) Inductance (µH/m)
Cl. Mini 1.6   2x90x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x1.6 / 15 AWG PVC - 2.8x5.7 White 39 300m / 984ft   10.8 0.40
Classic 1.6   2x208x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x1.6 / 15 AWG Chloride Ion-
Stabilized PVC
3.1x6.4 Ice Blue 41 300m / 984ft   10.5 0.40
Classic 2.5   2x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x2.5 / 13 AWG 3.6x7.4 Ice Blue/Anth. Grey 66 200m / 656ft   6.8 0.45
Classic 4.0   2x511x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x4.0 / 11 AWG 4.7x9.6 Ice Blue 104 100m / 328ft   4.3 0.55
Classic 6.0   2x756x0.10 OFC, Sn 2x6.0 / 9 AWG 5.5x11.2 146 100m / 328ft   2.9 0.59
Rondo 4x2.5   4x322x0.10 OFC, Sn 4x2.5 / 13 AWG PVC Ø9.0 Ice Blue/Anth. Grey 140 75m / 246ft   6.8 0.38