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Car Interconnect with Remote-on

CarLink Twin Pair Cable
CarLink is a twin-pair interconnect cable with remote control conductor. Each pair is screened and jacketed to make a complete cable which can be configured for unbalanced, balanced or semi-balanced connections.

CarLink-IR Interlink
CarLink-IR is a semi-balanced interconnect cable with RCA plugs and remote-on conductor. Special design attention has been paid to achieving extremely efficient noise rejection.



CarLink Cable
Carlink-IR Interlink

Item Mechanical Specifications
    No. of Channels Connector Conductor Insulation Remote Wire Remote Insulation Shield Jacket Screen Connection
CarLink   2 - 4x7x0.20 OFC PE 1x28x0.2 OFC Sn, 1mm²/ 17 AWG PVC Semi-Cond. Nylon PVC -
CarLink-IR 1m   RCA-6 Semi-
CarLink-IR 5m  

Item Mechanical Specifications El. Spec.
    External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length
(m / ft)
  R (Ohm/km) C (pF/m)
CarLink   Ø8.0 Anthracite Grey 71 50m /164ft   180 90
CarLink-IR 1m   1m / 3.3ft  
CarLink-IR 5m   5m / 16.5ft