Surround Interlinks

Home Theatre

AV-6 Interlink for AC-3/DTS Surround
AV-6 is a high performance multi-coax construction of low capacitance 75 Ohm cores, especially developed for 5.1 channel home theatre sound (Dolby digital/DTS). All connectors are fully shielded.

The cores are used for:

  • Right front
  • Left front
  • Center
  • Sub woofer
  • Right surround
  • Left surround

All cores are marked for easy installation.

All cores are marked for easy installation. The DB25 is a rather new connector in Hi-Fi and is rapidly becoming more common. For ex. Rotel, Arcam and Onkyo are using it as a standard in some of their home theatre products.

AV-6 DB25 to RCA
Item Mechanical Specifications
    Connector Cable Screen Connection Solder Tin Connector Fixing Application Standard Length (m/ft) Colour
DB25F-DB25M   DB-25M / DB-25F AV-6 Semi-
Lead-Free, Sn 96.3%, Ag 3.7%, Flux 3.5% Corr. Resist Screw AC-3/ 5.1 Channel 1x1m / 3.3ft Ice Blue
6 RCA - DB25M   DB-25M / RCA-4 Screw/ Crimp
DB25F - 6 RCA   DB-25F / RCA-4