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Trico Co-ax/75 Ohm Digital Video Composite Cable 75 Ohms
Trico is an interconnect cable of very low capacitance, insulated with PE foam which produces only 58 pF/m and makes the propagation velocity 78% of the speed of light.
Trico is double shielded with a braided inner screen of silver plated oxygen free copper and an outer of bare OFC-braid. The screens provide efficient noise protection. The centre conductors are made of silver plated OFC copper. The silver plating of the conductor/screen enhances the high frequency properties of the cable.
The high technology design of Trico produces an extremely low attenuation: 0.6dB/100m at 1MHz and 7.1dB/100m at 100MHz.
True 75 Ohms: The characteristic impedance is very stable: +/- 1.5 Ohms up to 100MHz.
Trico Digital/Composite Cable
Trico Digital/Composite Cable


AV Series Audio/Video Multi Core Co-ax 75 Ohms
The AV cables are multi-core coaxes of individual 75 Ohm rated coax cores.
Each core has a braided screen of tin plated OFC.
The AV series is of very low capacitance owing to the PE foam insulation.
The construction is especially developed for Home Theatre use and allows several applications with DB25, Scart, RCA, S-VHS and BNC connectors.
The timing error is less than 2.2 ns which enables accurate RGB transmission.

• Component analogue video
• Video walls
• High resolution video projection
• CG workstations
• Studio tie lines


AV-2 Audio/Video Cable
AV-2 Audio/Video Cable, 2-pairs

AV-6 Audio/Video Cable
AV-6 Audio/Video Cable
Item Mechanical Specifications
    No. of Channels Conductor Insulation 1st Shield, Coverage Insulation 2nd Shield, Coverage Jacket External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ bobbin (m / ft)
Trico   1 1x7x0.36 OFC, Ag PE Foam 0.15 OFC Ag, >90% PE 0.15 OFC, >85% PVC Ø8.3 Ice Blue 37 50m / 164ft
AV-2   2 2x1x0.5 OFC, Sn 0.10 OFC Sn, >95% PVC - Ø7.0 73 100m / 328ft
AV-6   6 6x1x0.5 OFC, Sn 0.10 OFC Sn, >95% Al/Poly. Foil, 100% Ø11.0 147 50m / 164ft

Item Electrical Specifications
    R (Ohm/km) C (pF/m) Char. Imp. 1 MHz (Ohm) Attenuation 1MHz (dB) Prop. Velocity
Trico   22.3 58 75 0.6/100m 0.78c
AV-2   87.8 45 75 1.4/100m 0.78c
AV-6   87,8 45 75 1,4/100m 0.78c