TW 37


TW 37


Our piezo electric technical choice was taken because it is for us a very interesting solution when well implemented and complements our wide range units for several reasons : very light mobile mass paper = very fast ( 40 kHz ) and rich = well restituted harmonics, high impedance making very less perturbations for the wide range unit below, reliability ... Our tweeters are sold only filtered, by pair.

Each driver part is controlled and measured all along the manufacturing process. Each driver is put under a very serious pre-running and then measured in order to match pairs, is numbered and life guaranty ( first owner ) .

Piezo electric
Paper cone Ms = 0,07 gr
Response = 10 kHz - 30 kHz
Fs = - 50 db at 3 khz
Z = 70 Ohm
D = 37 mm
B = 98 db  
Hole diametre = 51
Net weight = 0,420 kg
Packed weight = 0,915 kg
3 screws ø 4 x 120° on r = 35

TW 37 Frequence Response

These characteristics have an indicative value and are only the result we have in our deaf anechoic chamber from measuring equipment actually in our possession. It always must be kept in mind that the main ones, as the natural, equilibrium, musicality, cannot be described above but are only partly derived from them.